3 Fascinating Facts About IT Courses You Didn’t Know !!

One of the most surprising facts that have come to limelight is that the most favoured course today is IT.  Information technology is shaping up the minds of aspiring students. The scope of this program is vast and thriving. There’s so much to learn, so much to explore and so much to do in this field of technology that it has become the hottest distance learning career option. Today, our world is basically sustaining on IT and its infrastructure and due to this reason the demand for decent IT students is swelling. You will come across so many good and proficient online and distant learning institutes offering IT and computer engineering programs; but yes, just because the IT field is booming; it does not mean every student should pursue the subjects.

People who have a keen mind for computers, love for technology and lives in the world of gadgets, software and the internet should definitely seek IT as their career option. However, find these 3 fascinating facts about IT courses you didn’t know before.

  1. IT industry provides almost 40% of career opportunities

40% is a huge ratio and it is going to increase in the near future. Whether you choose an online course or go for a regular IT program, the gates will always be open wide. Because IT industries evaluate students by their skills acquired, not by their educational institution’s background. Through qualified distant learning education, you can make this work out.

  1. The growth of IT employment is expected to rise up to 4% in the next 5 years

This factor determines the need for proficient students as well as institutes in the bigger picture. IT industries are creating revolution through their innovative outlook. Only very few industry can guarantee or boast such evolving growth in percentage.

  1. 80% of people working in IT are full time flourished employees

Therefore, be rest assured about your job security and career advancement. Unlike other industries, IT does have a flourishing work environment where its scope is unlimited. However, it should be noted that most of the employed in the industry at least have a bachelor degree as education qualification.

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