E Learning: A New Way of Learning

E Learning or Electronic Learning is a new way of learning which evolved itself with the evolution of computers and information technology. Under this scheme of study a student studies with the study material available online on the concerned website of its institute or college. This is a boon for those students who are living at remote places they can simply download the study material and start learning with them.

E Learning can occur inside a classroom or outside a classroom, means some institutes and colleges provide the facility of E Learning in their classroom where a teacher teaches you just like teaches you inside a normal classroom but here in a different phenomena and different environment. You have to learn things in a whole new and different manner, like instead of a conventional black board teacher uses a projector or may be a teacher is conveying his/her knowledge from a remote place via video conferencing to you.

The most innovative thing in this class is the tutorials or we can say recorded tutorials, you can download them any time and save them so that you can play them to learn at any time and at any place. This is a really innovative way of learning in which you have the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime and anyhow either with desktop, or laptop, or tablet or mobile whatever you can choose or you can attend the video classroom, there you can learn with projector.

Now in India there are too many schools, colleges and institutes which are providing E Learning to their students, this develop interest in students because they are getting a new way of learning and the biggest advantage is that the students are free from the heavy school bags and lots of study material, now they have the option of wrapping up all study material in one single device that could be a laptop or tablet or mobile or desktop or may be a palmtop or you can say any device which is portable and provides mobility so that you can carry that easily from one place to another and it has to be easily operated.

This scheme of learning is very helpful for those students who are studying via correspondence or distance learning or part time scheme of learning and for those also who are working also with their studies.

Some points to look after for E Learning scheme of study:

  • Students get opportunity of learning with flexibility
  • Students don’t have to carry a bundle of heavy study materials with them all study materials are available in one electronically mobile device
  • Part time students get better benefits with this scheme of study
  • Students can create virtual classes any where with the downloaded video tutorials
  • Students can learn same thing in a same manner with the help of video tutorials on numerous occasions by playing them time after time
  • Technology savvy students also get more benefits with this scheme of study or learning

Now, mostly all universities, boards, institutes, colleges and schools are encouraging the implementation of E Learning, so that students are free from their heavy bags and study materials, and they can study freely and it also helps students to get rid from the private coaching institutes and tuition centers. This, helps these students to become self confident about their studies. So, if you are looking for a course in a college or institute which provide E Learning then go for it!

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