How Do Employers Perceive Distance Learning Degrees?

Studying via distance mode of education has become a kind of trend to be followed now days. This is the reason why most of the candidates prefer to go an online degree course instead of a regular degree. Working professionals are the ones who are mostly seen pursuing a correspondence degree course. The reason behind the same is the flexibility as well as other advantages that distance learning mode of education offers to the candidates. However, there is still a question mark over the fact that how do employers perceive distance learning degrees

A few years ago, it was found in a literature review that human resource managers, executives, and other gatekeepers had some negative perceptions regarding online degree courses. Some of the recruiters blame it on the online unaccredited programs known for offering a degree to anyone who had lots of money to offer. But, the times have changed and these days employers very rarely question the quality of online programs.

As a matter of fact, sometimes an online degree can be advantageous in the eyes of employers, depending upon the course one is pursuing. In many cases, recruiters favor students with a correspondence degree, diploma, or certificate. This is because they have judged multiple commitments in them while they were earning their degrees. Also, the notion that part-time degrees have no value has been eradicated long back.

There are plenty of reasons why an online degree is increasingly being accepted, including the sheer number of students taking online distance learning courses. For example, it was in the year 2011 that more than 6.7 million students took at least one correspondence course, according to a survey. In order to avoid having a correspondence degree discounted, experts recommend enrolling in such programs that have brand recognition in the relevant field. For example, if a candidate is looking to pursue an online degree in engineering, he or she should enroll in a well-regarded university or institute.

All in all, distance learning degrees are receiving positive acceptance by the recruiters, with the passage of time.

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