How To Prepare For IIT JEE Exam?

JEE exam is one of the most difficult exams attempted by thousands of students every year. However, only a few are able to crack it. But if one plans his studies properly, the success seems to be quite near. You just need to analyze your weakness and take care of them and practice hard. You need to start planning at least two years in advance and perhaps start preparing a year ahead of the exam if you want to appear for the IIT JEE exam. How can you know whether you are qualified to write JEE (Advanced)? How can you check yourselves? These are the basic questions one should focus on.

It is important for you to qualify JEE Main exam and come in top 1.5 lakh students who become eligible to appear for JEE Advanced. The students should have the habit of cramming and learning as many new concepts as possible. The students should regular take tests of different formats. Along with this they should also attempt the last 3-5 year papers of the exam for which they are preparing.

Time management is very important if you are preparing your IIT JEE exam. You need to manage time between study and revision, study and break and revision and study break.

Create an Study Plan for IIT JEE Exam Preparation

If you want to manage time and is serious about IIT JEE Exam preparation than create a well-thought IIT JEE Exam Study Plan depending on your strengths and weaknesses. Students often gets tired reading hard copy of the test material, therefore they should make use of IIT JEE Online Video Lectures to enhance their JEE preparation. Add break time in your study plan. Every human body and brain needs break after certain intervals; continuous revision may confuse you. Create small notes for quick revision to save time during preparation. Allot time specifically for your recreational/leisure activities like sports, exercise or entertainment.

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