How Will Be The Education In Future?

Past Education System in India
India has a very rich history of education in ancient civilization, here the education system was supposed to be the best in ancient times, according to ancient Indian mythology (Hindu) there were many examples of student teacher relationship which was known as “guru shishya parampara” some of them are Lord Shiva and Lord Parshuram, here Lord Shiva is the teacher of Lord Parshuram, Dronacharya and Arjun, Dronacharya was the teacher of Arjun and in the recent past in ancient India the great Emperor Ashoka and his teacher Chanakya who is popularly known for his politics.

There were more stories in recent ancient past and recent middle past of India like Maharana Pratap and Acharya Raghvendra, here Raghvendra was the teacher of Maharana Pratap, Beram Khan and Akbar, here Beram Khan was the teacher of Akbar in recent modern past we have an example of Mahatma Gandhi and Gopal Krishna Gokhale the political teacher of Mahatma Gandhi.

Present Education System in India
There were different systems in the past for education but after the British Rule the face and the way of education has totally changed in our country, now the “Gurukuls”, are in very few numbers in our country, “Gurukuls” which are the ancient schools where students have to learn about all aspects and challenges and how to face and conquer them in their lives in future, while the modern day “Gurukuls” are bit different. Now the British education system has been applied to our country, now we are tilting towards the western education system which introduced schools, colleges and institutes to our country, the language which is used in subjects other than languages is English like Science, Mathematics, Social Science and many more, still there are many schools which are using Hindi language to teach these subjects or other regional languages.

Future Education System in India
Now many schools are improving themselves as smart schools, as we all know that the future education is going to be the smart education or we can say that the smart way of learning, now many schools have set up smart classes in their schools, many universities, colleges and institutes are providing e-learning to their students. This future education has a lesser number of books and notebooks and they have been replaced by e-learning and smart learning materials, they study with the help of projectors instead of black boards or green boards, notebooks and books has been replaced by laptops, tablets and smart phones, even the classrooms are also become virtual means you can attend your class without visiting the class by traveling the distance. There are many tutorials are available on web they are like recorded classrooms you can just go and learn anything whenever you want.

As we all know that every coin has two faces so if this future way of education has many advantages then it has some disadvantages also like it is almost impossible for a teacher to handle a student in virtual classroom because the student is way far away in reality. In some underdeveloped rural areas the fond of resources are a big problem for this education and one of them is electricity, without electricity we can’t even imagine about e-learning or smart learning.

India is one of the pioneer in developing countries, so the scope of e-learning and smart learning is bright but in some regions of India still the citizens are not able to fulfill their basic needs so, there is a hurdle in developing this educational system in India, but apart from that the future of this education system is bright in India.

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