Is Distance Learning Executive MBA Course Worth it

Distance Learning is considered a boon for the students who want to study along with continuing their jobs or for the ones who are unable to attend regular degree courses due to some or the other reason. Another confusing question that arises here is the value of a distance learning executive MBA course. Well, the truth is, the answer completely depends upon the student as some students make the best out of a distance learning course while there are others who want a regular college and are not comfortable studying via distance learning mode.

However, MBA is the most preferred course that students go for through distance education. Still, many of the candidates are often stumped thinking about questions like ‘Is distance learning Executive MBA worth it?’, ‘Is there a value of doing MBA through distance mode?’ The answer to these again lies to perspective of the students.

What is Distance  EMBA?

Distance EMBA is taking management education through distance education mode and the basic difference between EMBA and correspondence MBA is ‘distance’ as in this mode, the students should have minimum 1-3 years of working experience. In Executive MBA, The students have the convenience as well as flexibility to study from anywhere and anytime and they can work while studying. There are no restrictions bounding them.

Moreover, there are various benefits of pursuing a part time MBA. Some of these are:

  • The working professionals can minimize the area of knowledge without compromising on their work.
  • They can apply the new skills thus learnt in the office environment and the arena of business and this can be a great blessing for the candidates pursuing MBA through online distance learning.
  • Some aspirants go for a distance MBA to get various managerial positions at their work, as an MBA degree is mandatory for the same. Moreover, it saves time as well as money.
  • The ones indulged in studies can continue their studies and gain managerial understanding through flexibility that this mode offers.
  • If the course is pursued from a reputed institute or open university, it can largely benefit the candidates as the reputation of the institute or university matters a lot.
  • The recruiters prefer the open learners from a recognized university or institute.
  • They can choose to go for another course simultaneously if he or she wants to.

Not only this, but also, doing an MBA via distance education can help the students acquire such skills and knowledge that are mandatory in the business field or if you want to run your own business. This all can be done from the comfort of your home or any location that is suitable to the candidate. Other than that, pursuing a distance MBA saves up for cost as the regular MBA schools charge huge amounts of money, which students or their family cannot afford. But the good thing is that distance education MBA program costs significantly lesser as compared to the regular one.

All in all, distance learning executive MBA course is absolutely worth it.


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