Is Doing MBA in Correspondence Worthwhile?

One of the most common academic degrees that the Indian students go for is MBA i.e. Masters in Business Administration. This degree helps students in gaining more academic skills in the field of business, and makes them more confident to get jobs across India & abroad. But the problem arises for the students who are not able to continue with their full-time master’s degrees due to family responsibilities, work commitments or financial problems. This is where correspondence education or distance learning becomes a blessing for students. But, to what extent do the students with distance learning MBA are able to compete with the ones doing regular MBA. Read on to discover more.

Blessing for Working Professional
Correspondence education proves to be a blessing for working professionals. It will level up their academic career and make them qualify for promotions or posts that require an MBA degree. There are always some designations where a certain degree is required to apply for, and this where an MBA degree can play a significant role. So, if you are a working professional who want to apply for further promotions and higher posts, then go for MBA in correspondence and you won’t regret in future.

Affordable & Flexible
Generally, the distance learning MBA programs are comparatively cheaper to the regular ones. There are hidden costs associated with attending classes physically, which are not there in the case of correspondence MBA. Also, distance education vanishes the traveling costs or other expenses like hostel fee & mess charges etc. In addition to that, distance learning MBA program offers greater flexibility than full-time MBA. Students can review study materials at their own places, on their own time and depending on their own moods. And hence, students are able to manage their work load with more ease.

Employability Factor
Often students question the reliability of employment opportunities after doing MBA in correspondence, even it is from a reputed institute. But this myth is tackled by history as well as various studies. Many big companies of India and abroad keep hiring distance learning MBA graduates. They are interested to hire a skillful employee, no matter he/she is from distance learning or from full-time MBA program.

Issue of Face-to-Face Training
Training for MBA at home sound quite comforting but, as always, there are some disadvantages of comfort. The one big issue with distance learning MBA is the lack of face-to-face training which helps students boost up their business skills in real environment. However, distance learning programs do not  completely ignore the value of face-to-face training. Various discussion boards, doubt classes, online interaction & meetings etc are organized by these correspondence MBA programs. It is just the nature of the delivery method that makes it different from the regular MBA programs.

Home Distraction
Another disadvantage of distance education’s comfort is that the students find it difficult to stay focused throughout a two-hour long virtual learning session, as they are just one click away from social media sites like Facebook & Twitter, online games or any other source of entertainment. But this is not only in the case of correspondence education but also in regular physical classes. The chances of distraction from studies may increase as the students are away from their homes. But again this can be overcome by strong self-motivation & discipline which is always required to be successful in any field.

More Advantages than Drawbacks
And hence from the above pointers, it is clear that MBA in correspondence is a blessing for all the students. Yes there are some difficulties too, but they can be overcome. All you need to do is become more dedicated towards your studies. As we all know, “Hard Work is the Key to Success”. Work hard today, and it will be fruitful tomorrow. Best of Luck!

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