Best Job Oriented Course after Distance Learning MBA Course

A lot of people are doing MBA these days. Although, there is always great demand for management experts, in order to gain edge over the others, you would like to gain special expertise in certain areas. So, here is the list of some of the best job oriented course after distance learning MBA.

Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA

Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA is undeniably one of the best job-oriented courses you can opt for after distance learning in Management or MBA. This course is all the more helpful the students of the MBA finance. The students who complete this course enhance their growth prospects significantly in this field. There are primarily three levels of this course, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Completing all the three levels could take up to 4 years. It does require great deal of hard work and students must have ample of time to spare. But, once you complete the course you will open many doors to great career.

 Executive MBA

Executive MBA  is another one of the most viable options for the students who have completed the distance learning management. A lot of MBA students opt for this course as it offers great opportunities ahead. The duration of this course can be up to two years. However, there are certain institutes which offer short term courses of 6 months to 1 year.

By opting for MBA executive you also get the good platform for higher studies. You can opt for M. Phil and PhD after completing this course. After completing this course you can get the job as the administrative or executive assistant at the reputed companies. There are job opportunities in both public and private sectors.

Financial Risk Manager or FRM

If you wish to get the deeper knowledge of the finance sector then it would be a good idea to go for the job-oriented course in Financial Risk Manager or FRM after your distance learning MBA. While MBA students of any discipline can opt for this course, it has been observed that Finance MBA students are more likely to opt for it. However, it will be a smart move to complete this course even if you have majored in any other MBA discipline, such as accounting or economics. The duration of the course may vary from 6 months to two years. It depends upon your experience and qualifications. There are two levels of the course and after completing both the levels the opportunities will be galore.

Certified Information Systems Auditor or CISA

If you are looking for good career opportunity in the IT sector after completing your MBA, it would be a great idea to opt for the Certified Information Systems Auditor course. There is a huge demand for the professionals who have the right skills and expertise to manage the IT sector. Even the starting jobs can pay you very well as compared to other management jobs. In order to opt for this course you will need to clear the exam. The exams are held three times in one year.

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