Job Oriented Courses After Distance B.E. in Civil Engineering

Wondering which job-oriented course to go for after the B.E. in Civil Engineering? The good news is that there are plenty of options. Here is the list of some of the most popular job oriented courses after distance B.E in Civil Engineering

Auto Cad

Drafting is an extremely important aspect of civil engineering. While pursuing diploma in distance B.E. in civil engineering the syllabus may touch upon the software for drafting. However, they do so very briefly. Most of the times, the students of diploma course are taught only the generic concepts of drafting. Auto Cad is inarguably the most popular drafting program there is. The companies that hire civil engineers are looking for the knowledge of this software. There are many short-term, job oriented courses in Auto Cad you can be a part of. This will enhance your career significantly.

Architectural Modelling

 Every architect and civil engineer talks about Revit these days. This software program is used to create life like 3D models of the structures. It is also used extensively for MEP drawings. Having a deep understanding of the Revit structure can enhance your growth prospects dramatically.

Structural Design

Everyone who either aspires to be a civil engineer or already is knows that the most basic thing they are expected to know is the knowledge of the structures. The distance learning B.E. in civil engineering does cover the concepts of structural design to certain depths. However, if truth be told, you cannot go very far with your learning of structural design in any B.E. course, whether it is distance learning or regular. To know the advanced concepts of this subject, you will want to enrol into a job-oriented course that will provide the in-depth knowledge. STAAD Pro and ETABS are some of the things you gain expertise in through these courses. Such courses can last from 6 to 12 months.

Non-linear modelling

Linear modeling knowledge is imparted to the students of all types of civil engineering courses, including B.E. in Civil Engineering. Whether you have completed diploma with regular classes or through distance learning, you must have learnt about linear modeling. However, what most courses do not cover is the non-linear modeling. It is an advanced subject and requires special expertise. The civil engineering students who learn and understand the concepts of non-linear modelling can have a bright growth prospects in various industries. The knowledge in this field can get higher salary as well. Thankfully, there are some reputed institutes that provide short term, job oriented courses in non-linear modeling the civil engineers can enroll into.

Advanced dynamics

The structures we see every day look very simple from the outside. However, what goes into the designing of these structures is something extremely complex. In fact, there are some buildings and structures that are more complex than the others. For a civil engineer, it is important to understand the dynamics of these structures. For this, they can pursue the job-oriented courses in advanced dynamics. Advanced dynamics is the part of BE in civil engineering but in order to explore greater depths you will need to be the part of one of these courses.

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