Key features of a distance learning BBA Program

BBA course is an undergraduate program, designed to educate students about the basics of management, different functions of a company and their interrelation. The aim of distance learning BBA program is to provide absolute flexibility to the students who want to pursue the course but cannot enroll in a traditional on campus program. The online feature ensures that those who are keen to pursue the course can do so without compromising on their work and other commitments. Though the course content can differ with school, basic features are almost always the same. Here are some salient features of a distance learning BBA Program.

  • Duration – The duration of distance learning BBA program is minimum 3 years and maximum 6 years. If a person is not able to complete the program in 6 years and yet want to pursue the course, he or she will have to start afresh by paying the required fees.
  • Eligibility – The minimum educational qualification required to opt for a distance learning BBA course is 10+2 certification.
  • Course Structure – The BBA course structure is designed to cover the basics of management, including Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Business Ethics, Organizational Behavior, Laws, Economics and various other subjects. These subjects lay a foundation for further pursuing an MBA course.
  • Study Material – The study material prescribed by the B-School for distance learning BBA program are designed in a way to help in self-study.
  • Flexibility – The online BBA course offers a great level of flexibility for working professionals, homemakers and other students who for various reasons cannot opt for a full time course, but are keen to pursue higher studies.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Many people are not able to take up professional courses like BBA due to lack of funds. However, distance learning program offers them an opportunity to pursue higher studies at much lower cost than a full time course.
  • Leading Professors – Distance learning program in BBA is not only about self study. There are online classes by prominent professors, which a student can take and learn from those who have a high level of expertise and experience.
  • Convenience – The distance learning BBA program is designed to offer you convenience. You can learn at your own pace at a time that is more convenient to you.
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