Master Degree in Engineering through Distance Learning Program for Advanced Career Growth in your Sector

Distance learning engineering program has made education and learning more easy and possible for everyone to earn advance knowledge for their better career. These days, most of the institutes and universities are offering distance learning multiple engineering degrees for all major streams. If you have decided that you want to pursue your engineering, then you must have decided your stream as per your interest as in which field you want to be an engineer.

If you have completed your graduation degree in engineering and you have started working. But at the same time, you want to pursue your master degree in engineering then distance learning program for master degree in engineering would be a wise decision as you would be able to manage your classes as per your comfort and you do not need to leave your job as well. All the specialized streams are available for distance learning master degree for engineering as per your field of engineering for career advancement within your sector. Firstly decide your specialization stream to pursue your master degree in engineering through distance learning and you can opt for electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electronics and communication engineering and telecom engineering.

Master degree in engineering through distance learning will give you a higher growth in your career with the advanced knowledge and skills as highly qualified engineers are very much in demand as latest  technologies are growing and getting introduced very rapidly and engineering sector require advanced knowledge and skills for higher productivity.

NIBS is a Delhi based leading distance learning institute which offers you an international certificate in Engineering and management courses as we follow the international standards. NIBS offers you a master degree in engineering through distance learning in the various discipline of engineering such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, computer science engineering and IT courses as per your field within the sector. NIBS has managed to earn a unique name in the world of reputed premier education institute as we offer high quality distance learning programs in different fields to the students from all over the world. NIBS is only one institute in India which offers Distance learning in engineering course for all the degree and diploma programs and has been approved by the council of distance learning.  We offer high quality education as we have a pool of IT professional faculty members who are highly qualified and experienced in their respective field to enhance your advanced knowledge while provide you practical knowledge on the basis of IT sector to make you corporate ready. Following are various discipline which NIBS offering our students to opt from various disciplines:

  • Distance Learning Master Course in Electrical Engineering
  • Distance Learning Master Course in Mechanical Engineering
  • Distance Learning Master Course in Civil Engineering
  • Distance Learning Master Course in Computer Engineering
  • Distance Learning Master Course in Electronics & Communication Engineering

If you are looking for an advanced career growth in engineering sector, go for master degree in engineering through distance learning program and invest your spare time from your working schedule to learn more advanced knowledge for better career growth. Your future is in your hand and NIBS is the right path towards your successful career. Contract us for more information. Visit us at

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