MCA vs. MSc IT: Which Offers A Great Career Prospect?

MCA and MSc IT are the two postgraduate courses in the field of the computer that has earned a great deal of popularity among youngsters. This popularity has partially been triggered by the high demand of professionals from both the industry. With such a great career opportunities offered by the postgraduate with a slight difference in the course content and focus. This article will elucidate these differences in order to enable the student to opt for a program that better suit their interests and requirements.


Masters of Computer Applications (MCA) is a three year (six-semester) professional Master’s Degree in Computer Science designed meticulously to meet the growing needs of qualified professionals in the field of information technology. The MCA programme which is inclined more in favour of application development. In order to develop faster and better application, it gives more emphasis on advanced tools to correspond the volatile market trend. It covers aspects of computational theory, network and database management, algorithm design and optimisation, mobile technologies, electronics, mathematics, statistics, etc.

Keeping in mind the dynamism of IT and software industry, the programme is designed to extend something beyond the fundamentals of computing in order to make them competitive in the present day volatile global situation.

The MCA program prepares the student to secure some of the considerable positions as system designers, system analysts, programmers and managers in any field related to information technology. This programme put equal efforts on theory and practical which give them a broader insight into the working structure of IT industry.

Students pursuing MCA are trained in the field of Application Software Development, Systems Designing, Computer Networks, Enterprise Resource Planning, Database Administration, Web Designing and development, Data Mining and Warehousing etc.


MSC IT is 2 years long Post Graduate Degree Programme where students would be extended with theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Information Technology. Msc IT revolves around Programming, Information Technology, Project Management, Database Management, and Information Security, concepts of E-Governance, Software Engineering etc. Considered it to be an advanced programme, is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical approach.

The first three semesters extends rigorous and comprehensive concepts of information technology which includes Object Oriented Programming using Visual C++, RDMS & Advanced Database Administration, Web Technology Concepts, OS and Network Management, Linux Administration and Networking, Geographical Information System, Data Warehousing, Data Mining Applications, Advanced Software Engineering, Mobile Computing etc.

In the final semester, students deal with industrial Project work which enables to use the theoretical knowledge and broaden the industrial insight.

MSc IT boosts the skills. Students after the group selection ensures specialisation in a particular discipline which further elucidates the chances to find a good opportunity in the respective field.

MSc Degree paves the way to pursue programs like PhD and can make a lucrative prospect in the field of Research and Development Sector.


In the age of computers, irrespective whether MCA or MSc IT, candidates are opened with the myriad of opportunities. MCA degree holder finds great job opportunities in some of the top level IT companies as well as consultancy firms. An MCA graduate can enrol in large corporations with in-house systems department. They can work as a system developer with other roles such as Software engineer, Software Programmer, Systems Analyst, Software Developer, and Software Consultant etc.

In MSc IT, one can find opportunities in Private and Government Sector. While teaching is a viable option that one can take up a combination of BSc and MSc programs. They can play active role in the field of Telecom Sector, E-commerce, and Consultancy Services etc. MSc has an edge over the other counterparts with job interview.

MCA is a specialised course while MSc IT is a broader concept as students learn all the advanced concepts signifying on using information for the benefit of businesses. MCA is restricted as far as systems and practical applications are concerned.  But both the programs have their own value and significance in the age of Information technology.

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