Pro and Cons of Distance Education Program

The demand of distance learning programs has been increasing day by day due to a number of benefits that this mode of learning has to offer. A race of getting ahead in terms of earning money also is a great fact of increasing number of distance learners. But like everything in this world, distance learning too has numerous pros and cons. Some pros and cons of distance education are mentioned as below:



Save money

You can save you from spending lacs on fees by pursuing distance learning programs which are offered on cost-effective prices.

Earn while you learn

This is the most appealing factor of distance learning programs as learners these days do not want the whole of their time on mere learning. They want to earn at the same time. This is why distance learning seems best.


The biggest advantage about distance learning is flexibility. You can learn through online modules as per convenience and available time. But do not skip to go through e-learning modules.

Round the clock access

This is due to the advent of internet that learners can learn anytime round the clock. Your online course remains available online all the time. You can submit your assignment online or can download assignments and material online.

No geographical boundaries

Distance learning programs can be pursued by anyone from anywhere. The students from abroad can also pursue the course of their choice without crossing their countries.

Cons of Distance Learning

Lack of interaction

Lack of interaction is the biggest drawback of distance learning programs. They often miss classes conducted time to time and do not interact with each other.

No campus life

Activities conducted in groups are missed by distance learners. Programs like MBA sometimes require participating in group discussion activities to sharpen up their management skills. But, distance learners could not enjoy and take advantage o c campus life.

Quality in question

Despite of having earned fame around the world, quality of distance educations is often questioned. The only thing that you can do is that you make sure you are pursuing your course from an accredited university.

Therefore, if you really want to do a course through distance mode, make sure you know the pros and cons of this mode of learning.

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