Pros and Cons of Sequential Engineering

Sequential engineering, also known as traditional engineering is basically term denoted to the process of engineering production in linear format. The different steps are taken in this method and that too one after another. Once the one task is finished, then we move on to next step. But, there are some pros and cons of sequential engineering.

Whereas sequential engineering method is simple and well-defined method of engineering production, it is time consuming too. This method helps one to take step one by one to complete the project, therefore there are little to no chances of mistakes. It also can be said that this method helps in enhancing managerial control.

If we talk about its disadvantages, it is rather more time-taking and its process is quite slow. In addition, there remains uncertainty in the beginning of any project developed under this method.

Other than this, this becomes difficult to bring desired changes on later stage of product development and it seems expensive too. Customer feels himself unable to see the product during the process and encounters with the product at the end only.

Therefore, sequential engineering method seems irrelevant and not too attractive in today’s world where everything has gotten advanced.

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