Things to know About Diploma Courses in Business Administration

People often get confused between Diploma and Degree courses. When the former is available, what is the use of the latter and vice – versa? Ok, so here it is! A Degree is a full time academic programme which has two parts namely Bachelors and Masters. A degree course often requires general education subjects such as language, English, mathematics etc. which supports the overall course.

A certificate course is a set of courses on a specific topic which might or might not include in a degree course. Soft skills and personality development are certificate courses.

A diploma in Business Administration is similar to Certificate course but they are awarded at educational institutes. They have higher value than a certificate course and can be termed as an alternative to Bachelor’s Degree. The study materials and the majors are as efficient as Degree courses, yet they vary slightly in the system; here are Things to know About Diploma Courses in Business Administration:

  • Diploma programme is relatively cheaper than degree study. They are designed to teach only selected majors and can be undertaken as part time or distance learning course as well.
  • If you want to update your career in management real quick then you can go for a Business Admin diploma course which constitutes two years of learning unlike the traditional one which extends to 4 years or more.
  • Unlike any technical course, Diploma in BA can be opted immediately after 10th standard, wherein the criteria include compulsory English during higher secondary and a minimum aggregate mark of 50%.
  • One of the pluses in diploma is that you can select your ‘Major’ Subject in the year II. While most of the academic degree programs rules out this option and makes you to learn all the course subjects, Diploma allows you to concentrate only at a particular specialization.
  • Moreover, you can still opt for normal Master Degree or PGDBA (Post Graduate diploma in Business Admin.) after this.
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