Things to Remember for an Entrance Exam

A Note on Entrance Exams
Entrance exams are those exams which are conducted for the admission purpose to a particular course, for example CAT (Common Admission Test) has been conducted for the admission to MBA (Masters of Business Administration) and PGDBM (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management) courses, JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) for admission in B Tech (Bachelor of Technology) and BE (Bachelor of Engineering) courses, AIPMT (All India Pre Medical Test) for admission in MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) and BDS (Bachelor in Dental Surgery) courses and many more. Most of the professional degree courses gives admission to the aspirants on the basis of entrance exams, even there are some diploma courses and traditional degree courses of some universities and institutes which conduct entrance exams for the admission purpose to their courses.

Some Essentials for an Entrance Exam
There are too many types of entrance exams they are of school level for admission in schools, for admission in an under graduate course exam is of under graduate level, for post graduate courses exam is of post graduate level, for M Phil (Master of Philosophy) there is exam of M Phil level and for PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) exam is of Doctorate level. Now, every exam has its own pattern and own difficulty level, therefore every exam has to be treated in a different way to other but there are some eligibility criterion for every entrance exam, so you have to satisfy all the eligibility criterion required for the entrance exam you are going to attempt for there after you have to look after all the aspects of its pattern and difficulty level and make a strategy to tackle the exam in a proper manner.

Take a look on the following aspects during your preparation and before attempting an entrance exam.

  • Total number of sections
  • Name of sections
  • Total number of questions
  • Number of questions in each section
  • Weight age of each section and its questions
  • Total time allotted
  • Marking scheme of exam which includes how much marks are gong to allot for attempting a question correct, how much marks are going to deduct for each wrong question and what is going to happen in the case of leaving a question
  • Is there any special or hidden criteria included which could be that you have to attempt a minimum number of questions or correct questions or it could be that you have to get a minimum number of marks to be considered for further process or may be you have to attempt a minimum number of questions in each section or a particular section or they have to be all correct

After looking all these aspects you could be able to make a strategy to tackle the exam in a proper manner.

There are some other essential things that you have to double check before leaving for any exam that do you have your admit card, your identity card, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener and all other physical things needed during any entrance exam. Most of the aspirants loose their calm after getting the question paper in their hands, this is a wrong practice always maintain your calm for better results during any exam.

Quick Ending
Every body has his/her own way and own thought for doing any work, so every one is free to apply his/her own method but the strategy that I have discussed is a very good strategy and most of the aspirants had used this strategy to tackle the exam very quickly.

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