Various M.A. Subjects and Their Benefits

Quick Word about M.A.
MA or Master of Arts is a 2 year post graduate master degree course offered by colleges and institutes affiliated to any university and recognized by UGC (University Grants Commission). It could be done as a general MA degree or a specialization in any discipline. MA is one of the oldest post graduate degree courses in India. This course is specially designed for the students of humanities stream. There is a vast range of specialized subjects offered under MA by various universities.

To get admission in MA a student needs to be graduate in any discipline but the diploma holders can’t get admission to this two year post graduate program. Aspirants has to fulfill the eligibility criteria of respective university and all the colleges under that university. Some of the universities give admission on the basis of merit list while some conduct their own entrance exams. In distance learning education or correspondence degree courses, most of the universities give direct admission to the graduates.

Following are various specializations/subjects in M.A. with their significance or benefits:

  • MA in Archeology is related to the study of old age things like manuscripts, fossils, inscriptions and coins. This is totally related to research. Graduates in this field can become good archeologists. This profession gives more of fame rather than money.
  • MA in Economics is related to the study of economy or we can say the economic condition of a society, here society could be a household or a company or whole country. They focus on the methods how to develop the tactics to grow the economy in a good way. This is one of the best career option in current era, because students who studied economics get an advantage and that’s why they get better salary packages.
  • MA in English is related to the in depth study of language English. After this the aspirant can join any related sector. It could be in mass media and communication or in BPO sector or in teaching line and more. English is the most essential part of our life in current era, without English our career can not take off to a height.
  • MA in Geography & Geology is related to the study of earth. This is the study of earth and its matters such as rocks, soil, water, air etc. Graduates in this area are recognized as scientists.
  • MA in History is also related to old age things but it consists of a broader range like the study of old civilizations, their way of living, languages and their fonts etc. History graduates get more career scope than archeologists, they can go into teaching sector by joining any institute or college etc.
  • MA in Philosophy is related to the study of human survivor. Maters in Philosophy have to study about all the aspects related to human being in general such as politics, ethics, religion etc. They are known as philosophers. They deals in those areas where any kind of question rises like any assumption, issue with any method. They get good job opportunities in profiles like IT consultant, insurance underwriter etc.
  • MA in Politics is related to the study of politics. Politics graduates study the political values, laws, ethics, rights, responsibilities etc. After completion of this course candidates have too many options to choose like join any political party or join policy making and administration, public planning etc.
  • MA in Psychology is related to the study of mental behavior. Graduates are known as psychologists or psychiatrists, they are under the category of a doctor. They observe the mental state & behavior of a human being.

There are a lot of other MA specializations available such as Human Rights, Hindi, Sanskrit, Sociology, mathematics, Physical Education, Public Ad. etc. These have their benefits in their respective industries. MA is still one of the evergreen post graduate degree courses in India. After pursuing MA one can do job in public sector as well as private sector. MA is recognized as the best post graduate degree course in India if you are going to prepare for top level Government post in India such as IAS (Indian Administrative Services) and IPS (Indian Police Services).

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