What are the Career Options after MBA in Finance?

Today maximum students specialized in MBA-Finance and this trend is increasing very fast. The reason behind the increasing craze of MBA-Finance is that an MBA-Finance offers a lots of career options to aspirants.

Career Options after MBA-Finance
If you have decided to do MBA in Finance then you should have keep about career opportunities after MBA-Finance in your mind. So, here we are discussing about some career prospects after MBA-Finance.

Career in private sector: There are lots of career options in private sector for the specialized aspirants. Some of them are as follows:

  • Corporate finance
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Credit Risk Management Analyst
  • Financial Institutions
  • Personal Financial Adviser
  • Investments
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Financial/Securities/Investments Analyst

Career in Accounting: Accountant is one of the best career options for the specialized aspirants. Accountant is the first step to get a huge position in large companies such as controllers, then Vice Presidents of finance, then Chief Financial Officers.

Careers in Consulting: Another option is consulting business. Careers in consulting are very rewarding option because the statistics shows that the average income in first year of a consultant is about $60,000. Apart from this the work can be quite interesting and rewarding and you will responsible to solve a company’s problems.

Careers in Commercial Banking: The other career opportunity after MBA-Finance is in Commercial Banking business. It is a very stable business and it regulated by the federal government.

Investment Banking: Investment Banking is also a better career option for the specialized aspirants because it molded two careers option one is Mergers and the second one is Acquisitions.

Money Management: Money management is another popular option of career because it is incredibly rewarding financially. You have to know that how to analyze and create financial statements, build financial models, and interview senior management in a large organization.

Insurance: This field of work is stable and slow growth business but if you will work hard and stick with it then you can go on top.

As we know that today market is growing very fast and because of increasing large number of organization in the market, the requirement of MBA aspirants is also increasing. So, if you planning to get specialized in MBA-Finance then it would be a better career option for you.

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