What are The Options Other Than Delhi University For An Undergraduate Course?

With Delhi University declaring its application program, the competition to get a seat in one of the popular colleges affiliated with DU has started. There is no denying that the university has a rich history and several prominent individuals from the fields of Journalism, Arts, Films, Literature, Politics, etc. in their alumni list, but hold on–it’s not the only choice. You have other options for an undergraduate course.

Do you need a higher degree to get ahead in your job? Or you just want to change careers, but you can’t afford to quit your current job and go to the college every day. Luckily, distance learning courses or correspondence courses can help you achieve your educational and career goals.

The main aim of correspondence courses is to transfer knowledge to students from teachers who are separated by time and distance, using latest technologies. This technological breakthrough has offered a plethora of options to the students.

However, like every other thing on the internet, some of the online education programs may not be trustworthy. That’s why it’s crucial for prospective students to do a thorough research before finalizing an institute.

Start by compiling a list of distance learning colleges offering distance learning courses. Then verify the official authorization of the institutes on your list. Authorization is a procedure through which colleges and universities are assessed for the quality of their courses. A distance learning institution that hasn’t been authorized by a reputable external organization may provide you a degree, but that degree could just be of no value in real life.

One of the huge benefits of enrolling in a distance education institution is that you can get these higher degrees while you carry on working and/or take care of your family. Correspondence course students can get access to the study material well in advance and can study at their own pace.

The university you choose can play a huge role in getting you high-paying jobs. Accredited colleges and universities also have a minimum grade point average that must be maintained in order to acquire a degree. Once you read about these requirements, you will have a much better idea of whether it is feasible for you to a degree through a distance learning university while you are also doing other things.

Ultimately, as you narrow down your search for a distance learning institute, visit the websites (academic section) of the colleges that have interested you. In this section, you will get to know more about the majors and minors offered in each subject.  You will also find out about the teachers/instructors who are going to teach you online through chats or video-conferencing. Choose your course carefully after doing a thorough research and keeping in mind your future career goals.

Using these tips, you will be able to trim down your institution prospect list to a smaller number. Read about each one in detail, along with their application requirements, fee structure and compare their offerings. When you find the best one to suit your needs, apply for the admission and embark on your learning journey.

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