What are Various Government Jobs for Computer Engineers?

So you have completed your degree in computer engineering and now desire to step into the government sector for employment. We have received a fair amount of queries regarding jobs for which computer engineers are eligible for. We always keep trying to give our best in order to solve all the queries from our readers. And this blog post is one such attempt. Today we are going to talk about possible government jobs for computer engineers. First, here are some of the questions that our readers often ask:


  • “What are the various possible government jobs for computer science engineers 2014?”
  • “Can you please guide me regarding govt. jobs for computer engineers?”
  • “Please share a list of government job opportunities after the completion of B.Tech in CSE?”
  • “I have done B.Tech in IT and want to go for a government job. Can you guys please guide?”
  • “Do I have any chance to get a government sector job after passing B.Tech CSE with 70%?”
  • “What are the job opportunities in public sector for the candidates of computer science engineering?”
  • “Do B.Tech Computer Science students have any opportunity in central government jobs?”
  • “Which government or UPSC exams computer engineers are eligible for?”

These are some of the countless questions we get the time and again. So we have decided to answer these questions in the form of a blog post. You still can resonate from the answer even if you can’t find your question as it is in the above list. We have picked those questions through which we can summarize as many solutions as we can without additionally adding those questions. Still, there is no need to worry because you will the answers quite descriptive and informative as we try to target the masses. Hope it will provide you satisfactory answers to your questions.

So guys, first of all, we would like to let you know that there are various possible government jobs available for computer science engineers. All you need to do is keep your eyes open and work hard to achieve your target. Secondly, you will still have to appear and clear the entrance exams or follow the process if the job demands so. You should be well prepared for the process required to get the job as government jobs are quite popular and there are always a vast amount of candidates applying for the same job as you. We hope you will not take it lightly as the government sector is quite competitive but the benefits it provides surely makes it worth it. Let’s have a discussion on this in detail.

Advantages Of Getting A Government Job

  • Before we get to the fundamental of the issue at hand, let us take a quick tour of several prominent advantages provided by the public sector.
  • Job security in the private sector is a hoax. If you fail to deal with performance evaluations, heavy workload, and deadlines, then resultants can be severe. Whereas the prominent advantage of government jobs is job security.
  • Handsome salary along with other benefits available especially for the government employees are quite popular. Along with that comes the pension scheme which is useful after retirement from service.
  • Overtime working is yet to be introduced in government jobs as they enjoy fixed working hours. Whereas private sector jobs demand overtime and sometimes it is even unpaid.
  • For government job employees the yearly calendar is full of timely holidays unless you are working in departments that deal with emergency cases.

Government Jobs for Computer Science (CS/IT) Engineers

As time passed by engineering kept becoming popular and now it is one of the most sought after courses. At first glance, it seems very glowing and harmless but it’s not really like that. Now the engineering colleges have become saturated as the number of students passing out of engineering colleges is in lakhs. With so many students being graduated in the same field has created a problem in the industry- job scarcity.  Today, it has become unrelenting to get a decent job with a good salary. Therefore, more and more students are drawn towards the public sector for jobs.

We have made a well-researched list of Public/Government Sector jobs for Computer Science engineers. And our experts tried their best to make it as accurate as possible. Following are the various government departments with their respective official career pages, where you can seek current openings for computer engineers.

Hope these resource will help you find an appropriate government job. The list is not yet complete but in order to provide you precise information we have included only those jobs in which we have complete assurance. Keep checking as we are going to keep updating these resources from time to time. Also, let us know if you know some more government sector jobs for computer engineers and help us improve. All the best for your job hunt!


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