What is EMBA Course?

Executive MBA course or EMBA course is a graduate level course, designed specifically for those working professionals who are in the middle stage of their profession. The course offers flexibility to those who are willing to pursue higher studies, but cannot take up a full time MBA course due to their work commitments. Most business schools offer the EMBA course for working people. Although, the course can differ for different schools, the basic things are always the same.


EMBA courses are designed to help the working professionals to pursue higher studies. As such they provide high level of flexibility so that the student can manage the work commitments along with his or her studies. The students can attend the classes in the evening or on weekends. Most EMBA courses can be finished within two years.

Who Opt of Executive MBA?

People who are at the mid stage of their profession and have an experience of around five years can opt for EMBA course. Most of them are either looking to update their skills or to increase the career opportunities. Those who are looking for salary increment or promotion in their existing organization can opt for their industry specific specialization. People who are looking to work in entirely new sector can opt for different specializations.

EMBA Course Structure

Usually an executive MBA degree can be earned in less than twenty four months. The course structure includes classroom studies during evening or weekends. It may also require students to attend various seminars during the weekends.

EMBA Course Requirement

Although, the requirement to apply for EMBA course varies with different business schools, most of them ask for a certain year of experience, typically five years, before the student can apply for the course. Also, to pursue the EMBA course, the applicant should also be a graduate. Some of the colleges also specify the percentage that the applicant must have in their graduation to apply for the course.

Networking Opportunity

Pursuing an EMBA course is a great way to enhance the network. People from various organizations and industries come together in the classroom to share their experience. Many prominent professors with years of expertise are also a key to networking.

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