What is the Difference between Traditional Regular Learning vs. Distance Learning?

Traditional learning in the classroom setup has by far dominated the education system for the longest time known. But, ever since the evolution of the web and its accompanying mediums, distance learning is sure gradually catching up. When organized properly, both the traditional form of learning and the distance learning have their own set of benefits to the learners.

What is Traditional Learning

Traditional learning entails the long practiced methods of classroom education through which the knowledge and information is delivered to the students. The students gather at a campus, college, or school and take part in the classroom lectures, laboratory experiments, and tests and examinations. Many experts believe that the ‘in-person’ presence of the teacher and students facilitates learning better and makes the process more organized than the distance learning.

What is Distance Learning

Distance learning is also quite popularly referred to as distance education. In this type of learning program, the education courses are offered to the students through the online medium. This type of learning system eliminates the need to be physically present in the classroom and thus facilitates learning across geographical boundaries. Distance education intends to deliver the same knowledge and information as traditional learning but incorporates different teaching methodologies. Distance learning is a great choice for the students who are incapable of attending the regular classroom education because of distance, time, or other reasons.

 The Primary Differences between the Two

 Distance learning is a good choice in many ways. It provides flexibility as the students do not have to stick to any particular schedule. The course materials available online can be accessed any time of the day. However, it requires more self-discipline than traditional learning. Traditional learning regulates the classroom hours and thus makes the process more organized for the students. The students of distance learning also miss the important campus and group activities available to the students of the traditional learning. The campus atmosphere is also believed to encourage and facilitate the learning better.

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