Career Options After Graduating From Correspondence BA

There used to be a time when completing your graduation in Arts would have made you eligible for government jobs. However, the times have changed, the competition has intensified, and obviously many new streams and subjects have percolated the academic and the professional fields, which warrant through contemplation on the part of students regarding the career he chooses.

B.Ed. has been made more or less mandatory by almost all the states in India and is nowadays, a prerequisite for entering into the education sector. Other opportunities for Bachelor of Arts grads have been mentioned below for helping students to make an informed decision:


This is the ideal choice for students who intend to go into the professional teaching field. You can pursue the Master of Arts in your respective stream and then can go in for Doctoral and Post Doctoral programs. There are many government vacancies in terms of teaching in Government colleges and Institutions and further into Semi-Government Institutions with good monetary benefits. You can also opt for a career in the Communications field by pursuing higher studies in Mass Communication and Journalism.


This is also one of the options, which is exercised by a majority of the students who have completed their Bachelor of Arts. After completing LL.B you can opt for the career as a lawyer in specific technical streams including being a civil lawyer or being a criminal lawyer. If you opt for the stream of being a commercial lawyer then you can be hired as a Legal Advisor in the Private Sector as well as Government and Semi-Government Sector. You can also go for the position of higher repute via becoming a judge after successfully cracking the judicial services exams conducted by the concerned bodies of the State and the Central Government.


One of the preferred career choices of today’s students is Master of Business Administration, a course that equips students with complex problem-solving skills and managerial attributes to climb the ladder of success in the corporate world. After successfully completing your MBA, either you can join the private sector for professional excellence or you can also go for government jobs via appearing in the various exams conducted by Government Institutions who require knowledge of management related aspects.


Students after completing their Bachelor of Arts irrespective of the specialization stream can go for preparation for various professional exams like in the Banking Sector, Armed Forces, and Paramilitary forces amongst others. When you prepare for entry into the banking sector, you have to crack the exam conducted by IBPS and when you successfully crack the exam, you get entry into the Government Banking Sector as a Probationary Officer.


There are various short-term or diploma courses, which have emerged as a good choice for students who have completed their Bachelor of Arts. Such courses equip students with professional, managerial, technical, and complex problem-solving skills, to make them fit and eligible for further professional advancement.

Students can opt for such short-term professional courses in the fields of animation, video editing, documentary or filmmaking, artificial intelligence, etc.

The point is that there are many options available when you do your BA with the specialization of your choice.

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