Career Options and Courses after B Com (Bachelor of Commerce)

B Com – Overview
B Com (Bachelor of Commerce) is a 3 year undergraduate degree program provided by almost every university in India. This is a study program related to Commerce and its aspects such as economics, accounts, business studies etc. There are two degree programs under B Com : (a) B Com Pass (b) B Com Honors.

B Com (Pass) is the basic or fundamental study of Commerce and its related aspects while B Com (Honors) is the in depth study of Commerce and its related aspects. In India almost every university runs this program. This is one of the three orthodox degree programs in India, the other two being BA (Bachelor of Arts) and B.Sc (Bachelor of Science). Bachelor of Commerce is found only in commonwealth nations but it is no longer exists in UK (United Kingdom).

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Lets discuss about various courses and career options available after BCom.

Courses After B Com
There are so many courses available after completion of BCom such as MA, M Com, MBA, CA (Chartered Accountant), CS (Company Secretary), MCA and many of the diploma courses etc. You can get a brief description for all these courses here:

  • MA (Master of Arts) is a 2 year post graduate degree program specially designed for students of arts stream. This is done in any one subject with specialization. Such as in Economics, History, Political Science etc.
  • M Com (Master of Commerce) is a 2 year post graduate degree program. This is a one level high course of B Com. This also demands specialization in one subject of commerce.
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a 2 year post graduate degree program. This a professional course which builds an aspirant in that manner so that he/she can tackle all the aspects of business administration and business management related problems and crisis.
  • CA (Chartered Accountant) is a professional course totally related to subject of accountancy. Under this professional course the aspirant has to complete his academic years by clearing all theoretical exams and thereafter has to go through training under a recognized CA.
  • CS (Company Secretary) is a professional course related to different aspects of a company such as finance, law, management etc.
  • MCA (Master of Computer Applications) is a professional course related to study of software and its application. It is a 3 year postgraduate degree program.
  • Diploma Courses are also act as options after B Com. There are so many diploma courses available after B Com. The only eligibility criteria is that the aspirant has to be graduate, stream or discipline doesn’t matter at all.

These above mentioned courses are the popular courses while there are some other options that are available such as some undergraduate courses like, BBA, BMS, B.Ed etc.

Career Options After B Com
Most of the graduates with the degree of B Com can get job in both private as well as government sector. In private sector they have the opportunity to get a job in finance, insurance, banking sectors etc. Even there are opportunities in some more sectors such as job in any accounting firm etc. While in government sectors opportunities are available in huge quantity. Students can seek for many prestigious posts, such as PO (Probation Officer) in Banks, SSC (Selection Staff Commission) and many more. The aspirants of B Com (Honors) gets an extra edge over B Com (Pass) aspirants.

Final Words
B Com is one of the evergreen undergraduate degree programs in our country which provides a good platform to launch ourselves to a good career either by opting to do a job in private or government sector or by going for further studies. The best way to choose course or job after B Com depends on individual and the situation. So, choose your path according to your tastes, preferences, situations, strengths, weaknesses and other attributes. After taking a look on these aspects anyone can take better decision. Hope you can make the best out of your Commerce degree. Good Luck!

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