Degree Courses Vs Diploma Courses

An Overview

Degree Courses involves in-depth study of a particular subject while Diploma Courses involves an applied study of that subject.

There are so many universities and institutes which offers so many types of degree as well as diploma course programs. Even there are some individual institutes which offer only diploma courses or only degree courses or both of them. In degree courses, a student has to study the subject in detail while in diploma courses student studies the applied subject, which is specially designed to cope up with the current or future industry or market-specific situations effectively. But in the long run, the degree course aspirant proves to be more effective than a diploma course aspirant. Obviously, a student who earned a degree in a subject has the in-depth knowledge of the subject while on the other hand, a student who has earned a diploma in a subject has some basic knowledge and how to tackle some given situations. If any new crisis grows up then at that time the student with a diploma feels helpless in that situation. On the other hand student with a degree can handle the situation.

Some Popular Degree Course Programs and their Diploma Counterparts

B. Tech. / B.E. Vs Polytechnic:

B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) or B. Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) are the two engineering-related degree courses. In India they are of at least 4 years up to 6 years, it could differ with universities and institutes. These courses are designed to produce professionals related to the field of engineering. Engineering could be done in different disciplines such as Civil, Mechanical, Computer, Automobile, Aerospace, Agricultural, IT, Telecommunication, Electrical, Textile, Industrial, Chemical, etc. There are so many different types of disciplines in engineering. After doing the degree program in engineering students get very good job opportunities. They can take their career on to new heights.

Polytechnic, on the other hand, is a diploma course program in engineering. It makes students partial engineers. This is a 3- year diploma program in engineering. Students who want to be an engineer just after their schooling, they can opt for Polytechnic. It is an easy way to become an engineer rather than pursuing a degree program in engineering. Students can go for this course directly after their matriculation or intermediate. This is specially designed for the engineers to handle some given situations. In polytechnic also there are so many disciplines. It gives the aspirants the option to become junior engineers or supervisors. Some of the popular trades in polytechnic are Civil, Telecommunication, Electrical, Textile, Computer, Fashion Technology, etc.

As we discussed above that both are engineering courses and both have similar disciplines too, the only difference is that BE or B Tech is a specialized course while Polytechnic is the applied course.

MCA (Masters of Computer Applications) is a 3-year post-graduate degree program. It is related to the study of software and its application. It is also related to the topics of designing and programming. Any graduate can take admission in MCA, however, the eligibility and criteria can differ with institutes and universities. Most of the institutes conducts entrance exams for the admission process of MCA. Any aspirant of MCA can get a job into any IT company or any other company such as software developer, Software consultant, software engineer, systems analyst, etc. Any MCA degree holder can also join other different fields also such as a teacher in any institute.

PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications) is a 1 to the 2-year post-graduate diploma program. This diploma program is quite similar to MCA, as the topics to study in both the courses are pretty much same. The job opportunities are also much identical, but the salary package doing after PGDCA is much lesser than after doing MCA. Under PGDCA we learn just the fundamentals and some basics of programming and designing. In this program, any graduate can take admission directly.

The basic difference between these two courses is that MCA is an in-depth study related to software while PGDCA is a fundamental study related to software.

There are some more degree courses which has there own diploma opponents such as BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is an undergraduate degree course while DBA (Diploma in Business Administration) is the diploma, MBA (Masters in Business Administration) is the postgraduate degree course while PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is a post-graduate diploma course and BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) is also an undergraduate degree course while DCA (Diploma in Computer Applications) is a diploma course.


After taking a look on all the aspects of degree and diploma courses we can say that which type is going to be suitable for an aspirant it depends on given situation, as we can say that anyone who is good in studies but he/she can’t be able to continue his/her studies due to their personal reasons after matriculation then he/she can go for polytechnic. But in the long run, if the situation is normal, then the aspirant has to go for degree courses rather than diploma because in the long run the in-depth knowledge of the topic always plays a vital role to tackle the challenges. To analyze your present situation and go with the one you think will suit you best. All the best.

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