8 Expert Tips on How to Crack JEE (Main) Without Coaching

The JEE (Main) & JEE (Advanced) are all India common exams, which the candidate has to clear if he/she wants to take admission in the most prestigious engineering colleges like IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), NITs (National Institute of Technology), IIITs (Indian Institute of Information Technology), Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad, CFTIs (Central Funded Technical Institute), etc. The top rankers of JEE (Main) are eligible to appear in JEE (Advanced), clearing which the candidates have the opportunity to take admission in IITs or ISM. And the candidates who clear JEE-Mains but are not eligible for JEE-Advanced can seek admission in NITs, IIITs followed by other government engineering colleges.

How to Crack JEE

Today’s post is focused on how to crack JEE Mains without coaching. The first thing to know that this Joint Entrance Exam is one of the toughest exams and candidates have to dedicate months of preparation to pass it. So why not start preparing now for coming JEE (Main) 2015? Certainly, good guidance is needed to score a good rank in JEE Mains. According to an interesting study published in The Times of India, 50% of IIT entrants are not from coaching classes! Coming to the main point, let us now discuss some expert tips & tricks on how to crack JEE (Main) without coaching classes that the candidates must follow.

Collect Relevant Study Material

The first & foremost thing students need to do in order to crack JEE-Mains is to collect relevant study material according to the entire JEE syllabus. Expert guide books, JEE study packages, previous years’ question papers with solution, DVDs & CDs for lectures, etc. are easily available in the market. Without having access to the required study material students won’t be able to pass JEE. Make sure you have everything with you.

Stick to Your Time Table

Creating a time table is a must to crack difficult exams like JEE. One of the biggest fear among the students who are not joining coaching classes is the fear of distractions. And this fear can be overcome by drafting a good time table and sticking to it. Students need to do full justice with the time table and be in the discipline in order to succeed in JEE-Main.

Clear Out Basic Concepts

A lot of questions in JEE (Main) are concept based. Hence, clearing out a basic concept is really very important to pass JEE Mains without difficulty. If your concepts are clear then you can easily be able to get enough rank to get into the cut-off.

Make Your Own Notes

Making your own notes is always a good idea to clear any exam, especially JEE Mains. Not only it will help you remember the topics easily as writing once is equal to reading 10 times. But also, you can save important formulae, tips & tricks in an easy-to-access notebook.

Strengthen Your Weak Areas

Never think about neglecting the areas in which your weak. Instead, work a little extra and give more focus on those areas as it can be a critical point for your rankings in JEE (Main). Work harder and you will see yourself solving the problems you were afraid of.

Be in Touch With JEE Experts

Seek help from the students who have already cleared JEE Main. Ask them to share their experiences, potential problems during the test, the do’s & don’ts and various other issues. In this way, you can be well prepared for your exam.

Test & Analyze Yourself

Schedule tests for yourself on a regular bases. Take online mock tests to analyze yourself that where you are standing, how much you have to work and in which subjects. A lot of websites are there who provide various mock tests on different subjects. So it’s time to make the most of today’s technology.

Stay Positive

Always have a positive and never say die attitude. Believe in yourself and never think that cracking JEE is impossible. As we all know that nothing is impossible. All we need to do is work hard with positive energy.

Hope this post will help you clearing JEE (Main) without joining a coaching class. All the Best!

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