Sub Disciplines of Electrical Engineering Studied through Distance Learning Mode

Electrical engineering is one of the fastest growing disciplines that takes into account different aspects and provides wide spectrum scope of earning. Whether it is about development of the plug-in cars or innovative range of plug-in hybrid cars, role of electrical engineer is always lauded and felt. A fully trained electrical engineer can do multiple tasks under different sets of environments. He/She can maintain the wiring tasks in any commercial or residential sector, or even manage the wiring on the space shuttle.

With the scope of electrical engineering building up, various reputed engineering education centers are offering sub-disciplines in the electrical engineering through the distance learning engineering program mode. Degree and diploma through correspondence engineering courses and part time engineering course not only help in earning the degree but also in depth knowledge too.

The 4 most demanding sub disciplines in the part time engineering course offered through the distant learning mode:

  • Signal Processing- The electrical engineer will specialize in the signal processing analysis either through the digital or analog signal. The signal processing feature used in voice-recognition or digital camera is where role of electrical engineer will come into play.
  • Mechatronics- This niche sub discipline of electrical engineering is closely linked to several other disciplines. Mars rovers were created by the Mechatronics experts. Again, the integration of anti lock brakes in your car is the result of Mechatronics. This is lucrative and most innovative sub disciplines of electrical engineering.
  • Instrumentation Engineering- This specialized electrical engineering sub discipline is trained to work on several measuring devices such as thermometers, flow meters, and scales. Electrical engineers involved in the instrumentation engineering should be knowledgeable in various other sub disciplines of engineering.
  • Microelectronics- The Electrical engineers play important role in maintenance and manufacture of capacitors, diodes, resistors, transistors and several other types of microelectronic equipments. Such engineers should have earned degree/diploma or education in semiconductor technology besides the material sciences and chemistry.

Why Opt NIBS

NIBS is a resourceful learning and education center and takes the leap in offering the best and innovative distance learning program designed to meet the needs and requirements of aspirants who wish to acquire the degree pr diploma in electrical engineering. The electrical engineering program and course material has been designed around to meet the training and learning needs of engineers TO-BE.


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