Basic Difference between Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering

Are you very much attracted towards the electrical devices and electronic gadgets to know about their work process or would like to design electrical or electronic devices? If your answer is yes, then you are willingly want to work in the field of electrical and electronics engineering. Electrical and electronics engineering is one of the most prominent discipline of engineering course. And if you want to make your career in electrical and electronics engineering, then there is a guarantee of successful career as electrical and electronic engineering is a growing industry and we have a very high demand for engineers in the market as various latest advanced technologies are getting introduced day by day for the better development of the country.

Well, if you want to pursue your engineering degree in the discipline of electrical and electronics engineering, then it is a very intelligent decision, but are you aware with the fact that electrical engineering and electronics engineering are two different disciplines of engineering. Yes, there is a difference between electrical engineering and electronics engineering which divided these two professions. Let’s have a look on the major aspects which divides these two professions in different disciplines as the job responsibility of electrical engineers differs from electronic engineers.

Electrical Engineering

As we all know that we are surrounded by all the latest technologies and most of the technologies are totally depend upon electrical engineering for their functioning whether it would be medical industry or media, sensing satellite signals from space or latest digital gadgets. In all the fields, electrical engineering has become a necessity. Electrical engineers stimulate the electric power while designing and controlling the electrical energy and algorithms on the basis of their intelligence and knowledge.  Electrical engineers majorly focus on the designing and development of the tools and techniques.

Electrical engineers are among those who start their career with the highest salary package as electrical engineers work as grown essentials to many industries. Electrical engineers can work in technical jobs or can even move into management and administration department. These days, there are several courses at various diploma and degree courses are available in electrical engineering as per your requirements such as electrical power station, communications, transportations, telecommunication, electronics, computers, wiring and lighting houses signal processing and many more.

Electronics Engineering

As we discussed above, electrical engineering is so broad and has divided into different specialties. Electronics engineering is one of the specific specialties of electrical engineering as electronics engineers deals with functioning and programming of small circuit and board based circuits for an appropriate functioning of electrical appliances such as computer, televisions, laptops and other electrical appliances.

In other words, electronics engineering is a vital subject of mobile devices which are highly popular and in demand as we all are completely dependent on latest technologies and mobile devices for a better living and that is why, electronics engineering has a broad range to make a successful career due to the increasing demand of qualified electronics engineers. If electronics engineers stop inventing the mobile devices and other modern technologies then we would not be able to enjoy the online world and the modern communication process. The major job responsibilities of an electronics engineers is to develop the product, submit the proposals for advanced technologies, inform about the latest changes in the product and services and then testing the product to process further.

If you are attracted towards the electronic devices and want to know more about their working process and how to design them or if you are willing to solve the electronic problems, want to develop technologies to participate in betterment of technologies, then electronics engineering is the right career path for you to earn the highly salaried job at the same time for better future opportunity. Most of the courses offered for electronics engineering are very much similar to electrical engineering courses. You can opt for diploma and degree courses for electronics engineering in different fields such as Telecommunication, Aviation sector, Electronics Department, Entertainment sector and many more to make a successful career.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The basic difference between the electrical and electronics engineering is their course study. Electrical engineering majorly focus on the power supply and power generation whereas electronics engineering deals with the technical aspects of communication.  Apart from all the differences, both the engineering courses offer better career opportunities with high salary package to professionals.  If you are interested in designing and developing the designs of electric power and supply then you should go for electrical engineering whereas if you are interested in assembling and maintenance of electronic devices then go for electronic engineering.

Major differences between Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering:

If you want to know more about the courses details, please view Electronics Engineering and Electrical Engineering section.


Now you are clear with your choices to choose the engineering field as per your interest for better career opportunity. These days there are many institutes and universities are offering diploma and degree courses in electrical and electronics engineering through distance learning program as per your field of interest. Distance learning programs are basically designed for those people who are working and want to pursue their studies as well. NIBS, one and only distance learning institute in India which offers distance learning program in engineering courses.

NIBS is a leading distance learning institute as we follow international standard to offer the high quality education to our students from all over the world. NIBS have a team of dedicated professional and experienced faculty members who provide the deep understanding about the different aspects of engineering course while giving the practical knowledge to make our students corporate ready. NIBS is a reputed distance learning institute in Delhi, approved by the government to as we are follow the best quality education process to develop the skill and advanced knowledge to our students as their successful career is our main focus. NIBS offer you diploma and degree courses in electrical engineering and electronics engineering as per your requirement to offer you a successful career growth.

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