Distance Education in India: Its Need & Importance

India, after 1947, has made major changes and a great advancement in its education system. Earlier the education was available only to the high class people of India, and many poor & middle class people remained uneducated. There was an enormous pressure on multiple state governments by common people to establish more & more colleges, institutes and universities. This pressure has resulted in faster growth of higher education in India. But the only disadvantage is that this development is more emphasized on quantity then quality, all because of the increased demand. Therefore, a complimentary methodology was needed in terms of ensuring quality education and success. And distance learning is one kind.

Distance education was appreciated by many reputed universities to meet the increasing expectations of those candidates who had insufficient resources to pursue higher education through regular method. And hence, distance learning in India has become most popular today. There were a lot of boundaries in the formal education system, which a lot of students are not able to undertake. And hence they are getting enticed towards distance education. Convenient education, study from home, high quality & less cost is included, earning while learning are some of the most advance benefits of distance learning. And that’s why it is growing so rapidly in India.

Various Names for Distance Education

Distance education in India is called by various names. Some of them are:

  • Correspondence Courses
  • Correspondence Education
  • Extension Courses
  • Distance Learning
  • Open Learning
  • Virtual Education
  • Online Education

However they all have different meanings. But they are related to one another in some way or other. To learn more about the various names for distance education & their differences, check out this post Difference Between Distance Education & Correspondence Education.

Need & Importance of Distance Education in India

Distance Education gets overwhelming response in India. However, even in this system, the actual aim of providing quality education is getting replaced by the aim of making more money from students by the institutes. The universities running distance education need to ensure the quality of higher distance education as we don’t want to look back and take a fresh start again. Following are top needs & importance of quality distance education in India:

  • Rapid growth of education: With the advancement of education & technology, it is almost impossible to incorporate new changes through formal education.
  • Population: The unimagined growth rate of population has declined the chances for formal education to educate each and every student.
  • Geographical limitations: Students who live in places which are geographically isolated find it tough to take education through regular manner.
  • Qualification improvement: Distance learning offers possibilities to candidates who want to enhance their qualification while being in their present jobs.
  • Desire to work & study: If you’re capable of earning while learning then it is the most favorable advantage you have with distance education.
  • Education for all ages: Distance education is for people of any ages.
  • Financial Circumstances: Distance learning is also highly accepted in India because of financial & family responsibilities of many young candidates.
  • Faster Promotion: Studying for higher education while working may result in high and improved knowledge and skills which ultimately enhances your chances of promotions.
  • Flexibility factor: Flexible education is what everyone wants and distance learning offers you the same.

This was a brief information about the history & current situation of distance education in India, along with its need & importance. Hope you all now have a better idea about distance education & its popularity in our country. Check out this post: Trends, Challenges and Advantages in Distance learning education to get some more related facts. For more information about various distance courses & related information, keep checking NIBS blogs. We love our readers & their feedback!

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