Facts about Distance Education

Distance Education is a way of study through which students can continue their study during job or without attending regular face-to-face classes. We can also say that Distance Education is very popular with working guys and those who prefer to learn from the home and get their degree online.
Today demand of Distance Learning is increasing regularly and there are lots of reason behind this such as increasing student’s fees of the colleges and universities in regular courses and decreased public funding for higher education. Because of these problems education is going less accessible.
If you are planning to enroll in a Distance Learning program then you should consider some facts about Distance Education. Here are the some facts about Distance Education:

Distance Education available at every academic level
As we know that demand of Distance Education is increasing regularly and now there are so many courses are available in distance learning education, not only bachelor but also Associates and masters and doctorate programs are now available through reputable distance learning universities.

Distance Education are offered by both public and private universities
Due to increasing popularity of distance education, now there are many private universities offer Distance Education and not only the private universities but public schools or universities also provide distance education.

Cost effective
Today education is more inexpensive however Distance Education courses are often less expensive than traditional college courses.

Disadvantages of Distance Education
Of course there are Cons of distance education and some of them are as follows:

  • Social Isolation: In distance education learners often study alone. However, this impersonality has been shrinking with technological advances
  • Lack of Immediate Feedback: In distance education you can not get real time feed back from the students and teachers

 Advantages of Distance Education
Some important advantages of distance learning are as follows:

  • Study at your own way.
  • Distance Education is Flexible
  • Distance Education provides Speedy and efficient training.
  • Learner can overcome social and cultural barriers.
  • Combines education with work.

Distance education programs are effective
Research shows that distance education programs are more effective than regular courses.

After this over all discussion we found the conclusion is that if you are planning to get your degree in any course via distance education then it is a great opportunity to all guys.
Distance learning education is very effective program than regular courses and it is also very helpful to those guys who want to get their degree during job.


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