Best Courses to Pursue After BBA

Bachelors in Business Administration is considered to be a suitable option who wish to make their career in the corporate sector. This course is invariably a strong prelude to wide variety of specializations that would ultimately extend the candidate to the well-paid job opportunities. Best courses to pursue after BBA are numerous and the specialisation which ultimately depends upon the interest of the candidates. Students graduated as BBA might be willing to enrol in MBA or MCA. There are various PG Diploma Couse or vocational education and various kind of training programs which not only sharpen up the skills but can enhance your candidature to appear for the brightest job opportunities.

Following are some of the options to pursue after BBA:

MBA (Masters in Business Administration)

Choosing MBA as a career option would give comprehensive knowledge of market fluctuation, business, trade, basics of economics, industrial policies, fiscal policies, stock market, share market etc. The program provides a better perspective of all areas of management rather than its counterparts. The courses offer is inclined more in favour of practice emphasising application of principles, concepts and various tools in order to meet the challenges that are more likely confronted by the corporate world. These courses are designed meticulously to impart managerial perspective from formulating to implementing corporate strategy.

Students learn to take significant decisions critically and analytically regarding the business considerations, ethical implications and encourage the candidate in all possible way to equip them with latest tools and technologies.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Management prepares the candidate to meet the challenges and on-going rigours of the marketplace by extending cross-functional perspective on various aspects of business management. The curriculum is designed to expand the student’s outlook on the global market. The comprehensive program gives a necessary edge to stay ahead of the competition.

The Graduate Diploma in Management provides the candidate with a robust ground with a wider spectrum in all strategic and functional areas of the business organisation.

The way students are provided with academic rigour enables them to secure placements in some of the reputed firms across the industries.

Executive Programme in Applied Finance                               

This program pioneers in the frontier of finance and can exclusively fulfill the requirements of the corporate sector, banks and other financial institutions. It discusses finance with its linkages with other functions applicable on corporate and financial institutions. This program is equally relevant for the professionals working as Chartered/cost accountants, investment analysts, consultants etc.

Finance divisions are subjected to the risks which further elevates the demand for qualified and action-driven finance professionals. It incorporates latest pedagogy and cultivates brilliant finance minds.

Master in Financial Management

Masters in Financial Management emphasize on the areas of Finance and accounts signifying managerial applications. Candidates possessing experience in Finance or some other related areas of finance such as project planning and control, management services, management audit, corporate planning, marketing and economic analysis will find this program quite suitable.

It provides the student with a full picture of the global economy and can get the best job opportunities as a financial analyst, Financial Services Sales agent, Financial Manager, personal financial advisor and many more. After a degree, the candidate can enrol for the PhD program if he or she is interested in research methods.

Master in Computer Application

The MCA program is indeed a blend of computer and management together. The programme put efforts on the comprehensive study and creation in business applications, with more programming based subjects. Each semester improves the candidate’s technical orientation, extend IT environment with domain knowledge. It builds a right platform to build a successful career as a software professional. The students are exposed to the software development as far as information processing is concerned, with special efforts put on Management Information System, business analytics in order to make robust decision making, software engineering for small and medium enterprises.

With MCA degree, a candidate can enrol great career opportunities across diverse industry sectors.

Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management

With the huge demand in the field of risk and insurance management, skilled and trained personnel are required. The candidates would be well-versed with the scientific theories and all other practices present globally and within the country. The core area is to manage an insurance portfolio, proper analysis involves loss of company and personal assets, and to devise solutions to all the affiliated problems of risk and insurance management. It also extends critical understanding between the risk management, internal control, compliance and governance essential to design and implement risk management strategies.

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